Inversity is a catalyst in the formulae for embracing and cultivating unique individual existence. Being a rebel with a cause is not a haphazard approach to life. It becomes refined through confidence to explore your passions, experience and wisdom.

 Inversity is embracing and enacting the nonconformist within each of us. Living our lives to our own tune. Going against the grain not necessarily as an act of defiance but being who we feel we really are without the fear of censorship or criticism. Being active and prideful in Being. To inversify is to look deep into your personal ontological mirror.

 At defined periods we must shed old skins and be recast into the person that will set our personal worlds ablaze. Your individual domain refocuses through a new empowered lens. To inversify is to self-recognize a willful separation from the common mold and accept the challenges that you will face to succeed in being YOU.

 There is an inherent tension, yet fulfilling confirmation in the inverse. The individual is burdened with controlled chaos to make the necessary moves to maintain composure under the pressure of willed change. You reject stasis and are ever moving, producing, and evolving. This in a sense at times feels like you are standing on your head. It is a hard posture to maintain but when surmounted there is satisfaction in recognizing the utilization of all faculties to attain it. Eventually when mastering your core competencies your resolve will hold longer with momentum and force.

 As an individual you take on the risks and rewards of embracing the inverse. This leads you to doors you seek to unlock. Doing this under your own terms in effect and many times by default creates a more well defined yet diverse you. Mental toughness, physical awareness, and technical agility are components of an individual that understands and practices fundamentals yet pushes themselves to exceed their own goals and expectations. What you want is yours, only catch is you have to earn it!


Inversity is the impetus and empowering mechanism to reflect your true self. The company is fueled by inspiration for creating the armor and tools for the elite individuals that proclaim independence of self and want to feel and look good doing it! 

Diversity through Inversity… Wear your Soul!